Tuesday, March 29, 2011

actin' a fool when i teach?

Who even wants to die anymore? Suicide, is that still a thing? When do people grow out of having that as a last-ditch option in the back of their minds? Am I the only one who still feels completely twisted up from the event that kicked off the turn of this current century? Do you accept the fact that by 2040 we will become one with the machines? Pupil becomes the master becomes the pupil? So, that's the end point? We spiral off into pure consciousness? I can't be the only one who grasps the power of exponential growth, right? Is it bragging to say how much I love the view from the crows nest i have been banished to? If we're going to ascend these material pains, why not live on? 2 years tops until Maitreya holds his press conference, is that what they meant when they said...

"the revolution will be televised..."

"...welcome to the world of the plastic beach" - Snoop Dogg via Gorillaz


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