Wednesday, March 16, 2011

codex alimentarius rex?

Eating bad food is bad. Bad food tastes very good, but, is killing us all slowly?

What if the packaging of our food displayed what it's ingredients were, solid panels of different sizes, like it was a pie chart. The healthier the food, the more green and blues and maybe celebrity gossip found only on the box of the new Morning Star Tofuater Tots! If you dare be caught buying or eating those other products, being seen reaching into a box with terribly colored panels, large obvious portions of salt and butter just steaming in a blur of sugar. Sideways glances and snickers from fellow passengers will tisk out between the magnet trains womp and the swoosh of silent shadows.

"He is handling the money, he's serving the food, he knows about your party, he is calling you DUDE!" - Cake

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