Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...well, how did i get here?

Electronic music, dubstep sirens and mechanical chaos as entertainment, just seems like so much preconditioning. Making the next generation decidely more comfortable with the technological chaos, future weapon grumbles and soldier boots stomping down the streets to come. Flashing lights, odd colors, hypnotic symbols and intents imbedded through repetition and certain frequencies, which tap the right nerves to set patterns. Like the way I couldn't sit still watching 'Inception', laughing to myself that I was the only one in the theater who just realized the giant flashing monolith hovering midair before us was planting seeds of it's own. Entertainment as inception, setting up opinions and emotions through tribal chanting, using modern styles. Same as it ever was.


That other french electro duo JUSTICE just released a single titled "Civilization"...

Stand in line as we march to the drums of the east, 
Paralyzed and possesed by crusadors deceased, 
Lost in the silence, the call from the turbulent times.
Bound by the science that lives on... that lives on the wise.

The beating of a million drums.
The fire of a million guns.
The mother of a million sons.

Lost in the silence, they bow to the call of the east.
Tantalized and seduced by the demons released.
Ears to the ground by the name of the merciless guide (sky).
Onto the fire that burns in the all seeing eye.


Here's a little floyd for ya, was humming this to myself earlier for some reason. the concept of everything you take in creates the reality you project out, priceless wisdom. 

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