Sunday, May 1, 2011

how much can you really know about yourself...?

Obama Sin Laden is dead. Shit, scratch that, reverse it, the other one is dead. This is like the narrator of Fight Club killing Tyler Durden at it's climax, just another invisible friend defeated on a rooftop. Gonna shift the just-blooming legitimacy of birth certificate conversation, kick off the 2012 election with a parade featuring a turbaned and bearded head on a spike. And then onto either an earthquake, first contact or the eventual revenge from the guys who supposedly struck 10 years ago. By the way, Happy May Day! Not only a great celebration to stave off those mid spring and mid term blues, it’s also designated as Law Day by the U.S. …seriously, ask the wikiwizard. Oops, i just did and found...what? Illuminati founded on May first, 1776? Jesuit taught Adam Weishaupt, who was the first lay professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, somewhere in Bavaria. Hmm, looks like the "rule of Law, not the rule of the jungle" is finally "governing the conduct of nations," *(from a speech by George Sr on 9-11-1990, announcing the New World Order.)

But, guys, how much can we really know about ourselves if we've never been in a fight?

*to be read in a whisper.


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  1. I had this exact conversation with someone prior to the one you and I had through email last night. We came to all the same conclusions. All that stuff I had said to you in the emails, I said before I had read this blog. UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS BITCHES!