Monday, April 25, 2011

coincidence is a dirty word?

what if the thing that happens on 2012 is some kind of evolution that our consciences goes through, not to be confused with the oft touted expansion of our consciousness. what if it's not us elevating, what if it's just the expulsion of all the things we believe from the garden of Eden that is our brain to the cold and solid crystal structure of the material plain?! from mental caricature to the actual physical birth, literal creations , one each, of our minds versions of ultimate bad and ultimate good. devil and god. or villain and super hero. ememies and friends. red team, blue team. all those little guardian angels and guardian demons bickering behind your back, all those trumped up ideas about big government and the true soul of free man, every giant and demented space dragon and each and every mild mannered mind expanding planet hopper...they all emerge from the ether of vivd thought, boundless freedom and creativity and are breathed free into this physical playground of agreed upon truths! 

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  1. Like what Jacki shows Jaesyn at the end of the book.