Tuesday, March 8, 2011

testing...one, two...is this thing on?

i always take the time to cut the plastic six-pack rings before i send 'em to the landfill.

i remember an animation from when i was younger that was made to show kids the harmful consequences of wasting water. it was a house with a little kid next to a lake with a little fish and the kid left the faucet on and the lake drained down and the fish was either sad, struggling to breath the remaining water or flopping about in the harsh sting of air.

"Human beings were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another."
- Tom Robbins (Another Roadside Attraction

at it's best, the being that hovers over my right shoulder, just out of sight, is Mercury himself.
at it's most casual, the thing that taps my shoulder and hops unseen to the other side is Pan himself.
at it's worst, the manic cackle and tear drops that rain down on my shoulder come from Satan himself.

i want a new video game, but i'm seriously contemplating a subscription to gamefly, $16 a month for one disc at a time...it would be a fun way to have a variety of games. old gamecube titles too. now that my girlfriend has taken a class about the history of gaming, she's warming up to the idea that it's a viable art form and maybe even a positive example of interactive creativity. i can't wait to find some games we can play together, but for now i don't mind her watching me play cowboy on 'red dead redemption.'

hey babe.

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