Wednesday, March 9, 2011

is that what he meant?

"Buy the ticket, take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson

We all spout it, but do we really get it? If we're gonna open the doors of perception, we should walk through and enter the next room. Instead, i fear we tend to stand in the door way, leaning on the door jam, still tripping on the feeling we get when the old way drains away displaced by the new. The flux is a hell of a drug.

The zero of the Tarot. He starts fresh, walks into the journey, rises through the lessons of love and life, survives judgement and reaches universal consciousness. He reaches the crest of the circle and sees the gap in the sky, the space between the swirling oroboros and it's writhing tail dashing away in perpetual material growth. Then, the fool merely steps back off the cliff and descends back into the cycle controlled reality, leaving the door ajar, open a crack, letting in shafts of broken light that throw shadows of glitches on the periphery of his vision.

Maybe it's at times like these, times that seem to be built on ancient exponentially, times when the symbols and triggers left by our ancestors snag in our projectors, times when the great gear and cancerous cogs of life align their gaps for a quick synch, times when tickets are's time to take the ride.

deleted scene:
Maybe that's why we carry the bride over the threshold of a new house.

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