Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ever get that synching feeling?

update, it's been a while...nothing to say i guess.

words have been failing me increasingly for years. the want to explain myself to others and convince them the era we're in is somehow special, well, that want has evaporated. if you're not tuned in, if you're not picking up the signal, if you're not hungry for the simple, cosmic lessons swirling between every keystroke, any advertisement, each pang of deja vu...then i can't make you see. truth is, i don't want to teach anymore, i'm not down to preach anymore, i'm not up to seek out and convert bright minds on the verge, i won't smudge anymore initiates in sage and smoke and flip their cards for them.

the time is beyond neigh, the next cycle has already begun.

find something to believe in, even if it's just believing in yourself.

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